DJ Cellyプロフィール

DJ Celly(ディージェーセリ)

年齢26歳  身長  163CM


彼女のスタイルはあくまでも『Floor Like』であり、MCを織り交ぜるパフォーマンスとPOPS,ROCK,R&Bを主としたオープンフォーマット。数少ない世界観を持ちながらも絶対的な営業力のあるDJである。2013年にSPACE SHOWER MUSICより『PARTY IN THE MIX-BEST R&B HOUSE』 mixed by DJ Cellyをリリースし、東京、名古屋、大阪とリリースツアーを行い大成功を収める。2014年には2万人規模のRUN&DANCEイベント『ELECTRO DASH』東京公演、大阪公演にも出演を果たしたほか、M'Celly'N名義でのEDM楽曲『Cosmic』を20musicから世界へ配信。2015年のハイライトとして、アナユキの「Let it Go」で社会現象となったMay J.の「May J.Spring Tour 2015〜ReBirthDay〜」では全国ツアーのライブDJとして抜擢され、全国を帯同した。最近ではMatt CabのバックDJとしても活動中。

2016年9月に待望のiTunes限定配信アルバム「Luxury Night-Chill out Selection」をリリースし、iTunes R&Bチャートで見事1位にランクイン。同12月には2000年に公開され話題となった映画「COYOTE UGLY」の舞台でもお馴染みのバー・チェーン「COYOTE UGLY SALOON」のアジア1号店に遊びに行ったCellyがたまたま数曲ROCKをMCを交えたハイテンションのパフォーマンスでプレイしたことがキッカケでレギュラーDJに抜擢されている。


age: 26

height: 163cm

DJ CELLY is known as one of the best open format DJs in Japan. Born and raised in a musical family, she naturally had interest in music and has a thick musical background ever since she studied piano when she starting from four years old. As she grew up, she also studied how to play instruments such as guitar, bass, etc. which lead her to two CDJs and mixer on June 2009.

As she worked on her career, Celly debuted as a DJ on 2010 at at a halloween party, and rocked a crowd of 3000 people. She also released her original mix CD titled "PARTY IN THE MIX -BEST R&B HOUSE mixed by DJ Celly" on 2013 through Japan's most known label SPACE SHOWER MUSIC and also had a very successful Japan tour. Celly's career has grown to the point where she played in front of 20,000 people at a running/ dance event "ELECTRO DASH" in both Tokyo and Osaka which also lead her to release her own original song "Cosmic" through 20music world wide.

Celly also did back DJs for Japan's number one pop singer known for covering 'Let It Go' from Disney movie 'Frozen',  May J on 2015. She also does back DJ for R&B singer Matt Cab.

On November 2016, Celly released a digital album on iTunes titled "Luxury Night-Chill out Selection" and achieved #1 on the iTunes R&B chart. On the same year, she was also chosen as regular DJ at Coyote Ugly Saloon; this place is well known from a scene in movie Coyote Ugly. Nothing can stop her from achieving her goals as she strives to make more history in the Japanese DJ scene.